"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." - Psalms 119:105

Mickey Park, a career criminal, served time in 22 jails and prisons where he met Jesus Christ. Now he goes into the prisons to tell others about Christ. He says..." PPM makes an impact on the inmates, it encourages them, it teaches them to live through Christ's teachings." He strongly supports PPM because he was an at-risk youth.

He knows the need is great and that God's love is greater.

Approximately 650,000 inmates will be released from prison this year, and over half will be rearrested within 3 years.

How can we stop that trend? We believe at Prison Prevention Ministries that sharing the Word of God with inmates during a 3-day revival, a 5-week follow-up New Believer’s class, and regularly scheduled life-skills seminars based on biblical principles can change the return rate. It has been noted that recidivism is greatly reduced for those inmates who complete Bible based seminars and claim the name of Christ.

Our goal is to prevent inmates from returning to prison by sharing the life changing message of Jesus Christ. It is this transformation of the heart and mind that equips one to succeed. Your generous support allows us to continue to train volunteers, schedule seminars and classes, furnish Bibles and printed study lessons.


Facilities We Serve

  • • Bradley County Justice Center
  • • CCA-Silverdale
  • • Hamilton County Jail
  • • Hamilton County Juvenile
  • • Dalton Regional Youth Development Center
  • • Salvation Army, Men’s Federal Pre-release Facility
  • • The Next Door, Women’s State Pre-release Facility
  • • Walker State Prison, GA

Inmate Testimonies

What did you like most about the seminar?

  • • "The fellowship and loving family feeling"
  • • "The opportunity to share my thoughts and to hear the thoughts of others regarding the study"
  • • "To get closer to the Lord. To be in a fellowship family"
  • • "Good teachers who engage the class and make clear points"

What things you have learned?

  • • "To trust God; that He has a plan for our lives"
  • • "God always works things out for our good if we are faithful and obedient"
  • • "Forgiveness and perseverance"
  • • "Ways to avoid conflict / to look at struggles from another view"
  • • "That I’m not alone in what I’m going thru"


"I am so thankful to witness HIS provision in answering our prayer at our last Board Meeting. Praise God for this is HIS ministry and HE has again proven HIS favor on PPM to continue to do the work HE has called us. It is amazing how HE provides. Last night an inmate at WSP prior to our scheduled Bible Study was sharing with another inmate that he felt very lonely during Christmas. When he came into our class room we prayed that God would provide what each of us needed.

Our first class was last night for the 1Q2017 and we are studying "Reasons to Celebrate - Studies from the Book of Psalms". The first lesson was "We are Never Alone". You should have seen his face throughout the evening. He knew God gave him what he needed. I highly recommend that you all step into HIS work in prison or at least attend the Revival at Silverdale Prison. You will be blessed and be a blessing to others. Thank you God for your favor to PPM."

  • - Fred Boeninger, Board Member

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